Custom Made Web Sales & Order Forms

In an ever evolving spirit wear, club, fundraiser, and business marketplace we are committed to making the process of our customers getting apparel to their groups easier.  That's why we are now offering web sales.  With our web sales, we make it simpler for you by handling the order taking, money collection, and sorting and packing.  Here are some reasons you should consider a web sale for your next apparel sale.  These web sale can also be a great source of fundraising, with goals and a countdown clock being added right on the web page.  Take a look at a sample store to see what type of sale your group could be having this season.

Click the link HERE or click the Gladiators Image to open a sample of one of our web fundraiser stores.

If you would like to run your sale with a more traditional order form, that can be printed out and handed out to your group, we can also do this. These order forms would need to be handed out and collected by you, and the money goes through your organization directly.  See an example of one of these below.

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